Hi follower, this my blog.

This blog is a task for school reasons. I would blog about a movie. I have no idea wich one, so I have to search for one. Mhhh ... It schould be a britfilm. Now I google it.


Yeah I found two. 

The first one is Ali G Indahouse. It schould be a good movie about the social situation in London with an unandployed Rapper named Ali G. Futhermore his girlfrind is bourgeois. It would be very funny.


The second one is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In my eyes it´s a classic movie. I haven´t seen it but I heard it is a very very funny one. The main theme is monarchy and they handle it on a funny way. 

Now I have to take some minutes to take a choice. 

 See you later aligators



16.2.15 09:22


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