I choosed Ali G

Hello my friends,

I  diced me fort the Sacha Baron Cohen movie and I watched Ali G in da house.

So my homes first I´ll tell you the story of the movie and than I´ll tell you something about the message by the movie.

Ali G is in da house is made by Sacha Baron Cohen and he plays the main character Ali G too. The movie is from 2002.

To the story. Ali G is a man out of Stains (a suburbia of London). You could classify him as a gangster.

He lives by his grandmother, because he hurts his main scratch finger (he was DJ ).  An other reason for living in his grandmothers house is that he gets welfare.  But he has got a side job. He gives  courses  in a recreation center for kids. The course is called “stayed real”. He shows the kids how to be real. In his eyes it´s real to be a gangster and learning the thug life e.g. a kid gets an emblem for good cursing. The problem is that the government wants to close the recreation center. Ali sees his duty in saving the center.  So he goes on a hunger strike.  He takes chains himself on a bus stop.  A interviewer from the news team eats in front of him something from  KFC,  and he stops his strike and takes a bite of it. The finance minister (David Carlton) sees him chained at the bus stop.  He suggests Ali G as  an assemblyman for Stains.  Ali G sees his chance and accepts.  What Ali doesn´t know is that Carlton has an evil plan. He wants that his party loses the vote, so the prime minister has to leave his office.  In Carltons mind he could finally take his office.

Ali G takes his task real. In a political duel: Ali has got no idea what he has to talk. His opponent , from the other party,  has got a paper with Ali´s party targets. Ali tries to red it but fails. Than he blames his opponent  as he says that his rival candidate has  sucked on a horse´s dong.  Ali doesn´t blame him on his thoughts he tells the real story.  So he is no more a rival candidate he loses the vote and Ali G gets in da house ( House of Commons).

Ali visits a parliamentary debate and attracts the attention of the prime minister, because he breaks the rules of the house.  So Carlton has got the idea to take Ali in the cabinet. Maybe he fails there. 

But the opposite happens, Ali makes good and productive suggestions.  He suggests only things in his style, the gangster style. For example he visits a duty building. There are lots of drugs and pornos. He watches the movie and becomes high from the dope. On the next day he tells from his adventure in the duty building and his college tells that she was there between them and it was a hart time. Ali thinks she talks from the porn movie but she talks from a bad experience with the duty. 

Than during the UN crisis meeting the delegates brawl with themselves. They are on the verge of a third world war. So Ali G takes out his weed and makes tea. So the delegates came down and become high.

Carlton proves that Ali cooked the tea. On a political event Ali wears the clothes from the prime minister and fucks his girlfriend. The media think that the prime minister fucks a prostitute. Because a camera films the sex. So the prime minister leaves his office.  So Carlton becomes the new prime minister.

 But Ali G wants to unearth the truth. So he has to take the sex tape. The tape is in a safe from Carlton.

Ali gets help by ahis friend. He has got a radio station and could find help with it. They go on a radio show an call the other gangs.

Together they get the video and the real prime minister is back.  In the safe are some plans how they want to expand the airport.  On schedule they destroy Stains.

Finally Ali G safes Stains.

Da End

No that isn´t the end. Ali G gets his dream job. He is ambassador in Jamaica. There he could smoke and test the dope there.


Da real end

Ali says that we have to advise our friends to watch this movie so he is able to buy a hip implant for his grandmother.


On the one hand this movie is very funny I laughed so much but on the other hand it´s so provocative. It´s nearly unbelievable. For example the dealing with stereotypes.  

Ali G is the best and the most polarize character in this movie. He is the type of gangster everyone imagines.  He only hears classic hip-hop music with lots of bass. He is very stupid. That you could see in his behavior and his reading skills.  His behavior is sexist and racist. For example he nicknamed his girlfriend as cake und puss and it´s sounds deprecatingly.  Further he sees women as objects and discriminate them if they are fat. He starts a campaign that only beautifully women are allowed to travel in the United Kingdom.  For his racism is a good example that he drops the “n-bomb” and he marks him self as a black one.  An other aspect for the thesis for his bad behavior is that he breaks the rules, the behavior rules in the parliament by standing up to put his finger on the mouth of the prime minister.

If I have to describe a stereotype of a gangster. I´ll describe nearly the same. In Germany we know Erkan and Stefan they play similar roles.  But if I take some thoughts I think that this are clichés. Real gangster don´t act like this. They aren’t so stupid and I think they struggle on the street and don’t become a politician.

That could be an other aspect of the movie. The role of politician. The first impression is that they only have got evil plans. In this case it´s the finance minister. He has evil intentions and wants to become the prime minister. The try’s it with manipulation by giving Ali G hope to rescue his center.  But this is a lie he doesn´t want to rescue it, he wants that Ali does something stupid so that the prime minister hats to leave his office.  But we know his plan failed. It´s that´s the real face of politic and democracy . I don’t know . In my eyes it´s the real game of politics with lies and money transfers and doing illegal things but I think they have to stop it and have to make real politic with real persons which believe and live  their  work  and they think in terms of the public , the voters.

It´s easy to criticize the politician but than we have to do it better. In the movie it´s easy to become a politician, they ask Ali G and he says yes. But in my eyes it´s harder. You have to start as a communal politician and than a bigger district and than a bigger district and maybe than you are on the level of the parliament.  You need a party you like and personality and many other features.


But I think the discussion over the politician is not only a problem in this movie I think not everyone in the UK or Germany likes the government  and want to chance something.

For me that is the main theme of this movie, that we have to take a look or our eyes of our

democracy and our politician. So that they don´t do stupid things like in the movie.


I hope you enjoyed my blog and got some nice ideas from the movie

 See you later aligators

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Christin (16.3.15 08:22)
That film sounds funny.
It sounds funny that a person who seems to be a ‘gagster’ becomes a politician that easy.
And it seems funny how he acts as a politician. He seems to act the same way he acts every day at home or on the street. But that way he seems to be successful because he sees what happened different that all that well educated politicians. He seems to see it like a normal person from the city who sees this kind of problems every day.

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